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Welcome to BigSalsa Productions.

Your online resource for salsa music and dance.

Salsa Dancing Resources

Whether you are new to salsa or part of a professional dance company, we want to share our perspective on the music and dance that we all love. Check our our tutorials and articles. Your thoughts and experiences are welcome here.

Digital salsa charts and sheet music

We provide salsa sheet music in PDF format. Download the music for one instrument or gain access to the entire score as a package.

Custom transcriptions and arrangements for salsa bands

If the song you're looking for isn't available, no problem! Just give us the song title, artist, and album, and we can have the chart for you in short order. If you need any of our existing sheet music re-arranged for your band's instrumentation, we can take care of that too.

Recording of live music performances

We provide professional, digital, multi-track recordings. Whether you want to record a rehearsal or a live show, our mobile recording services will meet your needs.

Audio mixing and production

We have the hardware and software necessary to create a high-quality audio product from your recordings. Want to create a demo CD from last night's gig? Are you looking to make a mix of several songs for a dance choreography? Let's work together.

Online Presence and PR Consulting

Every band needs a gateway to the public. Let us help you to establish your identity with a professional press kit. If you really want the world to know your band, work with us to create a website for your band. We can help with setup, design, hosting, and maintenance of your band's website.