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For Musicians...

BigSalsa Productions is dedicated to the support and promotion of salsa musicians.

If you need sheet music, please visit our online store.

We also offer a number of services for bands.

Every great band has to start somewhere. It can be a huge challenge to get your members together and align them to a common goal. Even if you have that part done, the next big hurdle is getting your first gig. BigSalsa Productions can help with the definition of your band's image. We consult with you to develop your repertoire, goals, mission statement, press kit, and network. We can also assist with establishment of a professional identity through websites and email addresses. Just imagine - or In the music world, your reputation is your life-line. Your professional identity and public image can give you the boost you need to make a killer first impression!

Whether you are a working band or developing your repertoire, nothing is more eye-opening than a recording of your performance or rehearsal. We can record your band in up to 24 channels of high-quality digital audio. Never again do you have to rely on the microphone on your video camera or a hand-held voice recorder to capture your band's performance. You will never hear your band's true potential that way. Our digital signals are taken directly from each instrument and microphone to ensure the highest quality of digital recording.

After you have a multi-track recording (from us or elsewhere), you may want to turn it into a more refined product. You can produce demo CD's, create mp3 files to post on your website, or distribute your recording to all of your band members for study and practice. Let us help you to produce your recordings to suit your specific purposes.

To take advantage of our services, please send an email to and give us the details of your request. We'll be glad to respond promptly with our availability and a quote for the requested services.

* Please note that recording services are available in the San Francisco Bay Area only.